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Wish List>>

This is the current Wish List.

  • Level functionality for document store.
  • Add session timeout functionality.
  • Build a Backup Explorer module.
  • Provide a log entry to log bad queries for security enhancement.
  • Allow direct entrance into list on input tab.
  • Enhance money datatype to handle commas.

These wishes have been added.

  • Internationalization and Translation with .po files(8/24/2017)
  • Active buttons for Setup and Admin tabs. (7/28/2016)
  • Add Update functionality to module “Upload Data” (5/4/2015)
  • Add file repository functionality. (5/4/2015)
  • Theme support on data installer. (2/15/2015)
  • Add a processing image option to the standard submit algorithm. (2/15/2015)
  • Get the ip address verification functionality in. (2/15/2015)
  • Additional tab availability. (Additional interface capability built 11/24/2014)
  • Center image on login (4/25/2014)
  • Manage users by type and last name (4/25/2014)
  • Improve admin only mode by implementing logic in controller file (4/25/2014)
  • Add a way to find list number in the program (Done 2/6/2014)
  • Update the module template with state functionality (Done 12/9/2013)
  • Set autocomplete to off where appropriate (Done 12/9/2013)
  • Update Search input to handle tabs (2/15/2014)


Updated: 2017-09-10