Brimbox Logo Brimbox Version 2.3.4 Released

Versions 1.7 & 1.8>>

Brimbox is going to be pushed forward two more times as time permits. The plans for both updates are as follows.


A username and note field are going to be added to the database users_table. The idea is to have a user defined by a username instead of an email. Currently, to lock a user, all you have to know is the user’s email. This change will allow a secret username to be assigned, so if the administrator wants, he can assign hard to guess usernames, or change a username if it is abused.

The note field will be added so an administrator can add notes, like title, department or phone, to the user record.

In addition, the log_table will be altered adding the new username field.

The $main->log_entry function will be properly deprecated and a function called $main->log will be added.


Version 1.8 will include the addition of a file field, so files may be stored in the database.

The will be done in the reserved field c47.

The decision has been made to use Postgres large objects (unless there is a dead end). The large object store works ideally for Brimbox since the large object oid can be equal to the Brimbox primary id.

I did read “This makes the large object facility partially obsolete” in the Postgres documentation. I am hoping that large object support will continue in Postgres, even though there is the TOAST system.

In my opinion, there will be reasons in the future to store objects > 1 Gig in a in database so I am hoping the forces of Postgres do not deprecate this functionality. Version 9.4 does not make mention of deprecation so I will keep my fingers crossed.

Updated: 2015-02-20

Thoughts & Plans


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