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Version 2.0 Released>>

Version 2.0 has been released.

After 11 months of development the upgrade from v1.8.1 is done.

Much thought was put into v2.0, and many changes were made knowing this is a one time overhaul. Brimbox is a framework and much was left backwards compatible, including the data structure.

If you need anything, like a hook, filter or an improvement, please let me know. It is the intent to build a trademark and community. If there are mistakes in the documentation, including proofing mistakes, pointing them out would be helpful. I intend to keep the wish list going and to guide and improve this project with thought.

To read more about the improvements in v2.0, please visit the beta notes,

To get started please visit the installation instructions, or visit the module documentation to learn about the Brimbox interface.


Updated: 2016-07-29

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