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Version 2.0 Beta Notes>>

Version 2.0 Beta has been released.

Except that NOW the back button works, the user experience is basically the same.

These are some of the improvements to v2.0

  • The back button now works using slugs (like standard CMS systems).
  • The interface is now responsive with two break points (480px and 768px).
  • The LESS substitution is no longer done on the fly. CSS files are written with LESS variables instead (faster).
  • There is a “Query Alias” module to facilitate the necessary database subqueries when building reports.
  • Module installation is less contrained, included files are no longer checked.
  • The posting system (the heart of Brimbox) was redone. You can now use variable $POST instead of PHP $_POST.
  • The “Input” module was was broken into pluggable functions.

Brimbox now has a file post.php (in the root folder) which is core to the controller. Instead of posting the form based controller directly to the index.php file, the program now directs the form to post.php which redirects back to the index.php controller. The $_POST variable is saved in the database. The program also uses slugs so the back button has value.

Since the post and state data is now stored in the database instead of in a form. this actually makes it run faster.

So I would call the controller an IPI index/post/index controller.

One programmer (with active clients) can get their hands around Brimbox.

Updated: 2017-09-10

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