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Version 1.9 to 2.0>>

So I decided to move forward one more time, hence 2.0.

There will be no version 1.9.

The major change in v2.0 is a move to a POST/REDIRECT/GET scheme of sorts so the back button has some functionality instead of the “Submit Post Again” warning.

Version 1.8.1 is stable and currently in use.

Although there will be a new table and there is a change to the modules table, the other five tables including the data table are the same.

These three things were intended v1.9 and will added to 2.0.

  • Functionality will be added to the Upload Documents module allowing documents to be updated with new versions under existing ids.
  • A select text functionality will be added to the Details tab allowing 1-Click selection when clicking on labels for individual fields.
  • Multiselect functionality will be added to dropdown functionality, or select objects, so that comma delimited text strings may be entered in a field from a multiselect dropdown or select list. This will require that the select fields for multiselect use do not contain commas when they are created in the administration module.

Update 10/28/15 — Version 2.0 still in the works.

Update 11/13/2015 — Still working, setting the goal for version 2.0 in January.

Update 1/20/2016 — V2 is still in the works, almost ready to do the planned big commit.

Update 1/31/2016 — V2 committed, so now the focus will be on debugging and bringing the documentation up to date…the data_table did not change.

Update 3/7/2016 — V2 rethought, got back into the project, still making choices regarding the structure as to customization, went back to a instantiated main object (static:: back to $this->).

Update 3/23/2016 — Still working going to commit a lot of code again.

Update 5/28/2016 — Rolled out a Version 2 to one of my clients then decided to build responsive CSS. The current timeline for this project is:

  • Mid-June 2016 — Roll out V2
  • July – August 2016 — Get documentation going and up-to-date.
  • Debug until Fall 2016
  • Market software starting Fall 2016

Updated: 2017-09-10

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