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The users table (users_table) stores login information. The username, a validated email, a salt, a hash, and other information are stored in the table. The userrole contains the user’s level and interface name for that permission. The name of the user is stored in 3 fields and there is a notes field for extraneous information. There is also a field to specify valid IPs and IP ranges for the user.

id: autoincrement

username: username, must be a distinct username, table has a distinct constraint on column.

email: email, must be a distinct email, table has a distinct constraint on column.

hash: sha-512 hash created from password

salt: md5 hash created from microtime used to salt

attempts: count of invalid logins, 10 is the default limit

userroles[]: array of userroles, where userrole is an integer followed by an underscore and the corresposding interface.

fname: First Name of user.

minit: Middle initial or middle name of user.

lname: Last Name of user, should include suffix if there is one.

notes: Notes on the user for purposes of administration.

jsondata reserved for later use as document field

reset field used to manage password resets.

ips[]: Array of allowed ips (IPv4 or IPv6). Reduce the ip length to allow ip ranges, default is and 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0/0 which allows all ips.

change_date: Datetime of record creation, updated by trigger.


Updated: 2017-07-22