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Brimbox is built on open-source LAPP (Linux-Apache-Postgres-PHP) stack technology and designed to be web or cloud hosted via Linux. Standard cPanel or WHM hosting with Postgres works great.

To set up a relational database in Brimbox should take less than an hour and only requires knowledge of web forms and relational databases.

Customizing Brimbox is intended for the PHP/SQL programmer. Its modular design and simple PHP structure allow easy access to the database.

Brimbox is not MVC. The controller is form based and designed to organize form variables.┬áIf you want to use composer objects just include “/path/to/vendor/autoload.php

Brimbox is meant to be customized and dynamic. If you want to make a theme with a standard purpose and reporting go ahead. However, if your database need is unique Brimbox will save you time over building a custom application.

The single self referential data table that Brimbox uses is designed for someone skilled in SQL. It is easy to analyze for a experienced database programmer, and the “Query Alias” module will make building reporting queries easy. However the programmer will need to understand subqueries and type casting. See Relationships, Query Alias and Report Array Parameters for more information on building reporting queries.

Brimbox 2.2+ runs on:

  • Linux (Tested on Centos/Red Hat)
  • Postgres (Developed on Version 9.0+)
  • PHP (Version 5.3+) (magic_quotes_gpc should be off, multibyte string functions must be on (mb))

Brimbox 2.0+ runs on:

  • Linux (Tested on Centos/Red Hat)
  • Postgres (Developed on Version 9.0+)
  • PHP (Version 5.3+) (magic_quotes_gpc should be off)

Brimbox was not built to accommodate older browsers. Brimbox has been tested in modern versions of:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari


Updated: 2017-09-04