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Retrieving Brimbox Data>>

For Brimbox Administrators, the process of retrieving data in an easy to use format is simple. On the admin tab, there is a module called “Backup and Restore.” In the middle of this module, there is an area called “Database Dump.” In this area there are three buttons and a text field for a password. To output your data you must enter your admin password in the text field for validation.

The first button is the “Database Dump” button. This will dump your data one layout at a time, or in a standard database multiple table format. Choose whichever layout you wish to extract, click on the “Dump Database” button and Brimbox will generate a tab delimited text file in a standard table format. This will export all of your data, along with some additional fields that are automatically populated by Brimbox.

These extra fields are:

  • id — the unique id for each database row
  • row_type — the layout or Brimbox psuedo-table type
  • key1 — the foreign key if this layout has a parent layout
  • key2 — reserved
  • owner_name — the user who created this record
  • updater_name — the user who last modified this record
  • create_date — the creation date of this record
  • modify_date — the date this record was last modified
  • archive — the record archive status
  • secure — the record security level

The second and third buttons are for extracting the list information. The “Dump List Definitions” button outputs five fields containing definition information about database lists.

  • list_number — a unique number identifying the list
  • list_name — the list name
  • row_type — the type of layout the list was built on
  • description — the description of the list
  • archive — the archive status of the list

The “Dump List Data” button outputs three fields that identify which rows in the different layouts belong to which lists. They are:

  • row_id — the id field for the row contained in the list for any layout
  • list_number — the list number identifying the list
  • row_type — the layout type of the row contained in the list

Updated: 2016-07-25