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Below are the Brimbox downloads. This page includes:

  • The Brimbox Program
  • The latest Brimbox Update
  • A sample report (works with sample data)
  • A sample module template (for constructing a module)
  • A sample interface (for constructing a interface)
  • A data installer (for migrating data)
  • A text version of the GPL GNU v3 license

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Installation Instructions:

Brimbox Release v2.0.1

Released 2016-08-15 – Brimbox 2.0 and above REQUIRES Postgres 9.0 or above.

Install Package – v2.0

Update Package – v2.0.1

Version 2.0.1 contains a bug fix for users running v2.0.

Github Release

Release Notes

These are the updates for v2.0.1 from v2.0

  • There was a bug fix for the Query Alias module involving parenthesis and the substitution of subqueries.

This is the current update for v2.0.

  • The $array_links global array was altered and is now an “action” array rather than a “value” array, meaning it has an extra key.
  • The filter bb_input_field_output had the $display parameter removed, use $value['display'] instead.

These are general instructions for updating from v1.8.1.

  • Follow the Installation Instructions for v2.0 to install a fresh copy of Brimbox in a development directory. Do not install the database tables (or run dbinstall.php).
  • Copy your existing bb_config.php file into the new development directory to point to an the existing database. You may want to use a second copy of the database for the deployment.
  • Delete the existing modules_table from the database. Run dbinstall.php. This will install a new modules_table plus the new state_table.
  • Log in as an “admin” and resubmit column names for all layouts in module “Set Column Names” on the “Admin” tab. Also resubmit layouts in “Set Layout Names.” Go through the standard “User” (or basic) tabs and make sure the preexisting data came in correctly.
  • If there are custom modules, take a look at changes made to the sample report since v1.8.1 to update the modules. The documentation will be updated in the coming months. There were some structural changes.
  • Enjoy the working back button and be assured the core programmer will be doing seamless 1-click updates from now on.

Standard Extras

Sample Reports
Installs for standard “User” permission.

Sample Module Template
Installs for standard “User” permission.

Sample Interface
Installs with a “Sample” user permission which must be assigned to a user before the interface can be entered.

Data Installer
Installs data and lists in the Brimbox “dump” form on the “Backup and Restore” module.

Brimbox License
GPL GNU v3 text file

Updated: 2016-08-16