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Below are the Brimbox downloads. This page includes:

  • The Brimbox Program
  • The latest Brimbox Update
  • A sample report (works with sample data)
  • A sample module template (for constructing a module)
  • A sample interface (for constructing a interface)
  • A data installer (for migrating data)
  • A text version of the GPL GNU v3 license

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Installation Instructions:

Brimbox Release v1.8

Released 2012-05-05 03:01 PM EST

Version 1.8 is the last major update which will require global testing. For the foreseeable future only changes that can be isolated will be done to Brimbox.

Before updating to Version 1.8 backup all your data using both Brimbox and Postgres backup utilities. Also backup all your Brimbox files from your Brimbox directory (mostly PHP) from version 1.7.

Version 1.8 can be installed from the update zip file and is 1-Click with the exception of resubmitting the layout and column names forms and updating the constants in bb-config/bb_constants.php. There are quite a few things done to the database on update, you can see those changes in the bb-utilities/bb_update.php.

You can read more about the improvements made in this version here.

There are a couple of behavior changes in Brimbox 1.8.

  • Note fields can now be required.
  • Columns with a unique key can now have a blank value.

There are a couple of deprecations in Brimbox 1.8.

  • Database function names were changed and bb_ prefix was added.
  • JSON data arrays should now be reduced to having only integer keys when appropriate (such as when invoking $main->layout_dropdown and $main->column_dropdown).
  • Optional constants were renamed causing deprecation.

Install Package – v1.8

Update Package – v1.8

Please be patient if this is run on a database with a large data_table. It will take time to run the multiple ALTER queries. After this update run Update 1.8.1 below.

This is a mostly one click update that can be done from the Manage Modules module.

  • Update the program in Manage Modules.
  • Resubmit the Layouts on the “Set Layout Names” tab.
  • Resubmit the Column Layouts on the “Set Column Names” tab one at a time.
  • Rename and redo the constants in bb-config/bb_constants.php

Update Package – v1.8.1

Please run this update after running v1.8, it fixes a problem with the input functionality involving Note fields.

Standard Extras

Sample Reports
Installs for standard “User” permission.

Sample Module Template
Installs for standard “User” permission.

Sample Interface
User must have permission “Sample:User” to access “Sample Interface”.

Brimbox License
GPL GNU v3 text file

Please add yourself to our mailing list.

Updated: 2015-05-08