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Below are the Brimbox downloads. This page includes:

  • The Brimbox Program
  • The latest Brimbox Update
  • A sample report (works with sample data)
  • A sample module template (for constructing a module)
  • A sample interface (for constructing a interface)
  • A data installer (for migrating data)
  • A text version of the GPL GNU v3 license

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Installation Instructions:

Brimbox Release v1.7

This is release 1.7 and update 1.7.2 (to be updated once 1.7 is installed).

Install Package – v1.7

Version 1.7 requires a restore from backup since the database changed slightly. The users_table had two columns added and the log_table had 1 column added. The major change in this release was to add a username to the mix instead of using an email as a login.

This is the procedure for updating an existing install. If version 1.6 is being used a file is provided to take a backup in the format of the new database. You must be logged in as an admin to your current install. The PHP file provided will create a backup with the password “Update123” by default (you should change this in the code for security).

  1. First login as an admin to your current install and take a backup using the PHP file update_from_backup_1.6_to_1.7.php from your existing installation. Install this file in the same directory as your index.php controller.
  2. Then install a fresh version of Brimbox in another directory with a new database. You can later swap default directories by changing directory names. You will want to update bb_config.php with the new database and user credentials.
  3. Change the “password” on your new install for the admin user, logout, and login again. Restore the database tables on the “Backup and Restore” tab. When you restore the users_table with your old credentials it will restore along with the modules_table.
  4. Copy all your bb-config/ files to the new install and also copy any files in bb-modules/ directory to the new install. They will work as before.
  5. If by chance the bb_constants.php file has the constant define('DEFAULT_USERROLE_ASSIGN', 1); change it to define('DEFAULT_USERROLE_ASSIGN', "1_bb_brimbox"); You could also delete it to use the default.

Update Package – v1.7.2

This is a one click update that can be done from the Manage Modules module.

This update is an improvement on the new username functionality. When adding and updating users an additional check is made so that both username and email must be unique for all users. Version 1.7 was just checking that username was unique. Also a unique database constraint is being added on the username column in the users_table.

1.7.1 — A SQL statement to add a constraint to the users_table is issued during this update. See below for the statement.

1.7.2 — A critical bug regarding the creation and editing of dropdown lists was fixed.

Standard Extras

Sample Reports

Sample Module Template

Sample Interface

Brimbox License
GPL GNU v3 text file

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Updated: 2015-03-09