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Below are the Brimbox downloads. This page includes:

  • The Brimbox Program
  • The latest Brimbox Update
  • A sample report (works with sample data)
  • A sample module template (for constructing a module)
  • A sample interface (for constructing a interface)
  • A data installer (for migrating data)
  • A text version of the GPL GNU v3 license

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Installation Instructions:

Brimbox Release v1.6

Update from Version 1.5 should be one click if done from the “Manage Modules” module.

To update:

  • Backup your files and database.
  • Update with the update file below in Manage Modules. The session will die.
  • Close your browser to kill the session and log in again.
  • Do a hard refresh or clear your cache to reload javascript and css.

This version brings

  • Theme Capability (See Installing Themes).
  • IP specification (or limiting) for userroles.
  • Redone and more secure login screen.
  • “Input” module redone with hooks (for custom “Input” modules).
  • Increased logging to be set with constants in bb-config/bb_constants.php.
  • Streamlined LESS variable compiling.

There are many changes, none should affect programming already done. The only ones that could possibly affect programming are:

  • There is now variable $username passed in from the controller.
  • Global module form variable bb_interface was renamed to bb_userrole.
  • The new streamlined LESS compiler (or substituter) only substitutes and imports now.
  • In “Input” module $primary_parent changed to $parent and $primary_child changed to $child. These are internal variables and most likely wouldn’t be used in hooks.

Install Package – v1.6

Update Package – v1.6.1

Standard Extras

Sample Reports

Sample Module Template

Sample Interface

Brimbox License
GPL GNU v3 text file

Please add yourself to our mailing list.

Updated: 2015-02-17