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The Upload Documents module is for uploading documents, generally database or related documents that can not be attached to a database record. Documents are uploaded and stored here with the presumption that they will linked on the home tab or embedded somewhere else appropriately.

  1. This is a “Upload File” input and button which is used to place the file in the database. The file is not stored in the filesystem but in the database table docs_table. Be aware that this table is not stored in the Brimbox backup file.
  2. If it is desired to update an existing file in documents table, select the file to update and click “Update File”.
  3. File id and filename are displayed here. Both can be used to create a download or display link for the file. This is generally done using the $main->document() function.
  4. A “Delete” and “Download” link are included here so that the uploaded file can be downloaded, deleted, or tested.


Updated: 2017-08-05

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