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The “Translation” module allows for the translation of text in modules through the translation double underscore function. In the translation module you can set strings to translate from English to a foreign language or from English to English. This allows for renaming. You can either add translations one at a time or upload a Brimbox .pot file. The translation double underscore allows substitutions similar to using the PHP printf() function.

  1. The dropdown determines which Brimbox module the tranlation will be attached to when adding a translation one at a time. Brimbox stores translations in the database json_table organized by module.
  2. This is for uploading a .pot file that is previously constructed. Brimbox .pot files are unique in that they must have a #bbpo comment (like #bbpo bb_box) declaring which module to install the translation in.
  3. This is where you can add or adjust translations. Just put the “Original” text to be translated and the text to translate in the “Translation” textarea click “Add Translation” and Brimbox will do the rest.

Updated: 2017-08-05

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