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The “Query Alias” module allows a superuser to construct SELECT statements easily by aliasing subqueries. To mimic a typical multi-table database environment this module allows the assignment of an alias to a subquery, then substitutes the subquery into the full query (usually a query with a join) before execution. This allows for easy construction of complex JOIN queries on the data_table.

  1. This area allows the superuser to choose how many subqueries to alias, how to paginate or return the data when executing, and includes the ability to return a textarea for adhoc queries. The “Submit Full Query” button is the main button which does the subquery substitutions and executes the full query.
  2. This is the area where the subquery aliases are defined. One of the best ways to alias a subquery is to choose a string surrounded by brackets (ie [aliasname]).
  3. Put the subquery in this area for each alias. Typical subqueries are like (SELECT * FROM data_table WHERE row_type = 1). Do not terminate the subquery with a semicolon.
  4. This is where the full query is constructed, use the aliases like regular tables in this area. A query might look like this (SELECT t1.columns, T2.columns FROM [aliasname1] T1 INNER JOIN [aliasname2] T2 ON t1.keys = T2.keys ...

Updated: 2017-08-05

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