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The Manage Users module is for managing the users of the database. Here you can add users, delete users, edit users, or even change a user’s permission level. The Manage Users module is only available to administrators and can be selected from the Manage Users button on the left of the Admin tab.

  1. This button will bring up a new user form to be filled out and submitted. Make sure the appropriate user level is chosen.
  2. This area lists current users, their information, and their permissions.
  3. Click on these links to edit, lock or delete a user, it will bring up a form with the user’s info and an appropriate buttons.

Note: The Add, Edit, Lock and Delete forms have fields to either input, change or view data. For the “Add User” a blank form for a new user is presented. The “Edit” link brings up the “Edit User” form which presents data to be edited. The “Lock” and “Delete” links bring up the “Lock User” and “Delete User” forms for locking and deleting users. Finally, there is a “Reset Module” button on each of these forms which will take the administrator back to the users list without submitting the form.

Updated: 2017-08-06

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