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The Lookup tab is the second of three standard tabs for retrieving, viewing and accessing information. There are three areas used for looking up data, not including the dropdown for selecting the desired layout type. The Lookup module is accessible only by choosing the Lookup tab.

  1. This textbox is for searching by Record ID (such as A45 or C706). If this textbox is populated the Record ID find functionality will override the lookup functionality.
  2. This dropdown is for choosing which layout type to retrieve when using the lookup functionality.
  3. This textbox, the first lookup condition, is for the character string to search on, based on these operations:
    1. The Begin radio button searches columns for fields that begin with the character string supplied.
    2. The Exact radio button searches columns for fields exactly matching the character string.
    3. The Like radio button searches columns for fields containing the character string supplied.
    4. The Empty radio button searches columns for empty fields.
  4. This dropdown is for setting which column to search on.
  5. There is a second set of selectors for searching on a second column, for example searching on first and last name.


Updated: 2017-08-01

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