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The Input tab is the primary module for adding, inputting and editing data. The tab can be accessed directly, which will allow for inputting new parent and stand-alone records (all records that do not have a parent), and indirectly through the “Add” record action links when adding a child records or the “Edit” link for editing a record that already exists.

  1. These are the reset and submit record buttons, along with a layout dropdown for selecting record type after reset (or when entering by tab). If the input tab is entered from the edit or add action link the tab will be set to a record for editing, or joined to a parent for adding a child record.
  2. When a record is entered, links will appear to add a child record or a sibling record (one with the same parent). This is to allow for easy adding of related records.
  3. This is where the data is inputted, and also where data validation errors will appear if the data is being validated.
  4. The load area allows a user to load data at once with each line in the textarea corresponding to a field in the record. This can save time for experienced users.


Updated: 2017-08-01

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