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The Home tab is the login landing page for Users, Superusers, and Admins. It serves three purposes. The first is to provide some information about who is logged in and to what database, the second is to provide a logout link, and the third is to provide a customizable space for useful links and database documents. The Home tab is not the landing page for Guest and Viewer user types, these users have their own landing page.

  1. There are six information lines here about the user and database. The first is the user’s proper name followed by the second, the username of the user. The third is the actual name of the Postgres database in use followed by a common name given to it in Brimbox, the fourth. The fifth is the database email address, see the Queue module page, and the sixth is the database mode, whether it is in archive mode or not.
  2. This area is meant to be customized for a Brimbox instance. Typically it will contain important links or viewable documentation regarding the Brimbox instance.


Updated: 2017-08-01

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