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The Create Key module is for placing a unique key on a particular column of layout. A key can only be created on a column that currently has unique values and no blank fields, and only one key can be placed per layout. A key column must always be populated and cannot be blank. This key value is enforced by the native Brimbox input process in both the Input and Upload Data modules. The Create Key module is only available to administrators and can be selected from the Create Key button on the left of the Admin tab.

  1. The Check Layout button checks if there is a key on the layout, and also if a column can have a unique key placed on it. A column must be fully and uniquely populated to place a key on it.
  2. These two dropdowns are for choosing which layout to check for a key, and which column to check the contents of for placement of a key.
  3. These two buttons are for either creating a key, if possible, or removing a key if it exists.


Updated: 2017-08-06

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