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Module Header>>

Required Module Header Variables

@module_name – must be module file name without .php extension
Example: @module_name = bb_module_template;

@friendly_name – Name used for tab or button
Example: @friendly_name = Template;

@interface – interface key value (like bb_brimbox) for the module
Example: @interface= bb_brimbox;

@module_type – type of module
Possible values may be derived from the $array_interface array keys.
Default Values on Standard Interface: Typically integers -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
Values -1, and 0 (Function, and Hidden) are reserved and used for all interfaces.
Example: @module_type = 3;

@module_version – Version of module
Example: @module_version = 1.0;

Example Header with Required Values

@module_name = bb_module_template;
@friendly_name = Template;
@interface = bb_brimbox;
@module_type = 3;
@module_version = 1.0;

Optional Module Header Variables

The details functionality of the module header allows for the addition of fields to qualify the module. These are output on the “Manage Modules” tab when the “Details” link is chosen. They will be outputted one line at a time, except for the @description header which will be outputted last as a block.

Example: @programmer = Joe Developer;
Example: @description = This is a custom module built by company ABC Co.;

JSON Module Header Variables

@json-bb_module_template – to input an JSON row with lookup bb_module_template into the JSON table

Note: after the declaration @json- the variable name must start with the name of the module. If a module has more than one JSON declaration it should be numbered or named after the module name (@json-bb_module_template_1, @json-bb_module_template_2).

Example: @json-bb_module_template = [];

Example Header with Optional Values

@module_name = bb_module_template;
@friendly_name = Template Full;
@interface = bb_brimbox;
@module_type = 3;
@module_version = 1.2.5;
@description = This is a sample report demonstrated by Brimbox;
@company = Brimbox;
@license = Proprietary;
@author = Joe Developer;
@json-bb_module_template_1 = [];
@json-bb_module_template_2 = {"1":"default json"};

Updated: 2016-07-05