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JSON Table Data Dictionary>>

The JSON table (json_table) is used to store JSON arrays (encoded as strings) related to either information in the data table or modules. Some standard modules (“Manage Lists”, “Manage Dropdowns”, “Set Column Names”, and “Set Layout Names”) have JSON arrays related to them stored in rows in the json_table, and these JSON arrays/objects may be used for different purposes by different modules.

id: autoincrement

lookup: key used to get the JSON object from the table. If a module has 1 JSON object, lookup should be the module name. Otherwise, if there are multiple JSON objects related to a module, lookup should be the module name with a _1, _2, … _n appended to the module name or some descriptive ending qualifier.

jsondata: the JSON object stored.

change_date: Datetime of record creation, updated by trigger.


Updated: 2016-07-05