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The include files for customization in Brimbox are designed to keep different types of code and customization separate and to facilitate that they load at the appropriate time. There are, aside from the “Home”, “Viewer”, and “Guest” extra files, 5 include files that load at runtime intended for customization. The following is the load order of the configuration and customization files.

Controller Configuration Files

bb-config/bb_config.php included.
bb-config/bb_constants.php included.

$main class functions are loaded here.

Controller Function modules

Custom function modules are parsed here.

bb-config/bb_functions.php included.

The global array is parsed here.

Box Controller Includes

bb-utilities/bb_scripts.js included.

Javascript includes are parsed here.

bb-config/bb_javascript.js included.

bb-utilities/bb_box.css included.

CSS includes are parsed here.

bb-config/bb_css.css included.

There is also the bb_less.less file which is compiled with the bb_box.less into bb_box.css when the “Build Custom CSS” button is submitted in the “Manage Modules” module.

Note that default files are kept in folder bb-config-default/

Of course CSS styles, javascript, and functions should be kept in individual modules when there is no necessity for global scope.

Updated: 2017-07-30