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Method to collect the report parameters from the module submitted and the module displayed forms.

Class: bb_reports, called as $main

File: bb_reports.php (php)


function report_post(&$arr_state, $module_submit, $module_display, $params = array())


$current = $main->report_post($arr_state, $module_submit, $module_display)

global $button

Returns: array containing the current report variables (button, report_type, module_display, module_submit, page, sort and order).

Note: Counts on the existence of a bb_button, page, sort, order, and report_type form objects.

Parameter: $arr_state (array)
The current state of the interface, passed as a value.

Parameter: $module_submit (string)
Module of the report submitted, where report parameters report_type and bb_button form objects exist.

Parameter: $module_display (string)
Module of the report to display, where report parameter page, sort, and order form objects exist.

Parameter: $params (optional array)
Array of parameters:

  • maintain_state, boolean maintain state switch


Updated: 2016-07-09