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Method to create a link to populate the input form with a well formed related record string. Utilizes the bb_relate common variable.

Class: bb_links, called as $main

File: bb_links.php (php)


function relate($row, $arr_layouts, $target, $text, $params = array())


$main->relate($row, $arr_layouts, $target, $text, $params);

Outputs: A link for populating the standard input form with a properly formed related string.

Parameter: $row (array, database row)
Valid database row from the data_table.

Parameter: $arr_layouts (array)
Layouts stored as JSON retrieved as PHP array.

Parameter: $target (string)
Module name to be targeted during post, will be the next module loaded.

Parameter: $text (string)
Text for the link.

Parameter: $params (array)
An optional array containing parameters to include when calling the function.


  • button, button number to be submitted in bb_submit_form(), (integer, default 0).
  • filter, array of row_type(s) to display this particular related link on, (array, default array()).
  • class, the class of the button outputted, default is a link (string, default "link rightmargin")


Updated: 2016-07-09