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Outputs an HTML dropdown object containing the different Brimbox layouts available. This method is usually used within the Brimbox required form.

Class: bb_main, called as $main

File: bb_main.php (php)


function layout_dropdown($arr_layouts, $name, $row_type, $params = array())


$main->layout_dropdown($arr_layouts, $name, $row_type, $params);

Outputs: Dropdown menu of available layouts, the key to the dropdown will be row_type.

Note: There is a security option $check in the optional $params array.

Parameter: $arr_layouts (array)
Full or reduced layouts that you wish to have populated into a dropdown select tag. The value of the dropdown is the layout row_type and the displayed choice is the plural layout name.

Parameter: $name (string)
Name of the HTML select object, usually called row_type since it corresponds to the row_type field in the database.

Parameter: $row_type (integer)
The layout value currently populated in the dropdown, usually from the interface state or a postback. Causes the select tag to be selected for $row_type specified.

Parameter: $params (optional array)
The parameters array for passing custom parameters to the function. Parameters not reserved will be outputted as HTML attributes.

Reserved Parameters: $params (optional array)

  • all, whether to include “All” row_type value of 0 (boolean)
  • empty, default false, true will set an empty value of -1 (0 reserved for all) (boolean)
  • check, security check, displays all levels below check, default is 0 which displays all layouts. (integer)

Updated: 2016-07-17