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Method to process the active state from the form post when switching or leaving modules when configured. This preserves state without a submit request or by processing form variables on postback. This function is called in the controller and can be controlled with the global $array_hot_state array.

Class: bb_work, called as $main

File: bb_work.php (php)


function hot_state($con)



global $userrole
global $array_hot_state
global $submit
global $POST

Updates state in the database state_table for the $submit module global when switching away from a module. The array $array_hot_state is configured in the pluggable function bb_index_hot_state.php in folder bb-pluggables. This can also be customized using the hook index_hot_state.

Parameter: $con (database connector)
The active database connection

Updated: 2016-07-09