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Method to output the beginning of the Brimbox required form. Action form attribute has waterfall; if action is specified in parameters specified value is used, then the module file name with _post appended is used if file exists, finally action is post.php if not specified previously in waterfall.

Class: bb_forms, called as $main

File: bb_forms.php (php)


function echo_form_begin($params = array())



global $module
global $path

Outputs: The beginning form tag for the Brimbox standard form.

Note: any parameters in $params not defined below will end up as attributes in the form tag. Parameter values defined below have defaults.

Parameter: $params (array)
Array defining the form attributes.

Reserved Parameters:

  • name, form name, default “bb_form
  • method, form method, default “post

Updated: 2016-07-08