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Outputs a standard Brimbox submit button.

Class: bb_forms, called as $main

File: bb_forms.php (php)


function echo_button($name, $params = array())


$main->echo_button($name, $params);

Outputs: A Brimbox standard button which is processed by the controller and uses javascript function bb_submit_form().

Parameter: $name (string)
Name of button, not currently used or uniformly supported in modern browsers.

Parameter: $params (array)
Array of parameters to pass, parameters not defined below will end up as attributes in the button tag.

Reserved Parameters:

  • label, button text (string, default "")
  • number, button number or id (integer, default is 0)
  • target, submit target, module to be included next (string, default is "undefined" which results in postback)
  • passthis, if set will include a “this” parameter so button will be disabled pending reload (boolean, default "undefined" or not disabled during reload)


Updated: 2016-07-08