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Method to check if postback form variable is different from the form variable saved in state or $arr_state.

Class: bb_work, called as $main

File: bb_work.php (php)


function changed($name, $module, $arr_state, $default = "")


$test = $main->changed($name, $module, $arr_state, $default);

global $POST

Returns: boolean true if they are different, false if both variables are the same. If the postback ($POST) variable or the state variable ($arr_state) are not set $default is used in their place.

Parameter: $name (string)
The form variable name.

Parameter: $module (string)
The module, usually the current module.

Parameter: $arr_state (array)
The state array, usually called $arr_state.

Parameter: $default ($mixed)
The default variable for both the state and form variables. If both variables are not set then $default == $default and changed is false.

Updated: 2016-07-08