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Method to check if a button has been set by number. This function is dependent on the use of the echo_button method and javascript function bb_submit_form().

Class: bb_work, called as $main

File: bb_work.php (php)


function button($number, $check = "")



global $submit
global $module
global $button

Returns: boolean true if button is set, false otherwise.

Note: This function checks for $number parameter in buttons set with $main->echo_button(), $number in method will correspond with 'number' parameter passed in $params.

Parameter: $number (integer)
The button number to check, assumes postback if $check is not passed in.

Parameter: $check (string, optional)
Check the submitting module. If making a button link to another module, bypassing the tabs, this will check for the submitting module. Should be the submitting module name.

Updated: 2016-07-08