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Method to add a value to the global array ($array_global). Used for a variety of arrays, the add_value method adds a value to the global array with one associative or integer key.

Class: bb_build, called as $main

File: bb_build.php (php)


function add_value($name, $value, $key = NULL)


$main->add_value($name, $value, $key = NULL)

global $array_global

Note: if $key is omitted then value will be pushed onto the array (ie $array_global[name][] = $value;)

Parameter: $name (string)
The name will be incorporated into the parsed array (ie $array_global[name][] = $value will parse to $array_name[] = $value.)

Parameter: $value (string)
The value associated with the array.

Parameter: $key (mixed)
A key, usually an integer.

Updated: 2017-08-21