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Below are the Brimbox downloads. This page includes:

  • The Brimbox Program
  • The latest Brimbox Update
  • The Sample Report (works with sample data)
  • The Sample Module template (for constructing a module)
  • The Sample Interface (for constructing a interface)
  • A Data Installer module (helpful for migrating data)
  • A text version of the GPL GNU v3 license

To access the raw code, please visit the Brimbox Repository on Github.

Written installation instructions available here:

Brimbox Release v2.3.4

Released 2017-08-23

Install Package – v2.3.4

Update notes here.

Github Release

Known Bugs

Bug #1 –
Translate post file denying superusers – To workaround do translations while logged in with admin permission.

Release Notes

  • Full translation functionality was added.
  • Many to Many join functionality added.
  • Password reset functionality added plus PHPMailer incorporated.
  • Styles were updated made more mobile friendly.
  • $main->hook() function was updated to work inside functions + $main->filter() was deprecated.

Standard Extras

Sample Reports
Installs for standard “User” permission.

Sample Module Template
Installs for standard “User” permission.

Sample Interface
Installs with a “Sample” user permission which must be assigned to a user before the interface can be entered. Note that permissions do not update on the fly for security reasons so a user must logout and login to establish a new user permission.

Data Installer
Installs data and lists in the Brimbox “dump” form on the “Backup and Restore” module.

Brimbox License
GPL GNU v3 text file

Updated: 2017-09-10