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The document store accessible in the “Upload Documents” module on the default “Setup” tab provides a venue for storing documents outside the general data structure. This was built so documents, generally documentation or similar content, may be stored and linked securely, instead of leaving documents in a public directory for unsecured access.

The standard Brimbox “Home” tab is designed to hold links to documentation and other information outside the data structure, however if you put a Word document in the bb-config directory it is public. Storing a document in the data store allows for secure storage of documents.

To store and use a document in the document store:

  • Upload document to data store on the Setup tab module “Upload Documents.”
  • Embed the link calling the document function:
    $main->document(1, "Link Text");

Note: Documents are not backed up using the Brimbox backup functions. To backup use Postgres backup functionality or save your documents individually.

Updated: 2016-07-03