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Database Object Ownership>>

Standard Object

Brimbox, when it installs, grants ownership of all objects created to the user (DB_USER) in the database connection string as defined in bb_config.php (in folder bb-config). Then it attempts to give all privileges to the database owner which is often the cPanel user for typical Linux hosting. The following command should grant privileges to the database owner.

GRANT ALL ON data_table TO linuxusr;

This also applies to sequences and functions.

If by chance you need to change ownership of objects, use the following ALTER command while connected as owner.

ALTER TABLE modules_table OWNER TO linuxusr_dbuser;

This transfers ownership, and again this also applies to functions and sequences.

Large Objects

In Postgres 9.0+, large objects are owned by default by the object creator and by a Postgres superuser or admin. So when a large object is created it is not accessible by the database owner.

To grant permissions on a large object this command must be issued by a superuser or admin.


where loid is the large object id. In Brimbox, the loid will correspond to the data_table id column when files are attached to a record with a type “File” column type.

Updated: 2016-09-05