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The data table (data_table) is the main table used to store information in Brimbox. It is a self-referential table between id and key1. Row type (row_type) is used to indicate and differentiate between different self-referential layouts. The data table also has full text indexes and triggered create and update datetime columns.

Data Table keys
id: autoincrement
row_type: integer defining layout type or psuedo-table
key1: self-referential id for table joins
key2: not currently used

Primary Data Columns
c01-c40: standard data
c41-c46: standard data or optional related field
c47: file field for storing files
c48: reserved
c49: standard note field
c50: standard note field

Archive and Secure columns.
archive: archive integer
secure: secure integer

Trigger Dates
create_date: row create timestamp
modify_date*: row modify timestamp

User Fields
owner_name: record creator
updater_name**: last data update

List Field
list_string: binary field contain the list information

Full Text Indexes
fts: primary full text search information
ftg: secondary full text search information

* will update if anything in record changes including full text or list field
** only updated when data columns change using standard edit and input functions

Updated: 2016-07-05