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The intent of Brimbox is to make money with an open source model. It would be nice to have some free developer tools, however if you build a theme or API such as a billing platform or a fancy CRM you should charge. Brimbox’s trademark and documentation are not open source.

There are reserved programming projects, the incorporating of a $_GET methodology for improved state maintenance and using the reserved data_table variable key2 to chain records together so a table could have more than 50 columns would be two. This project has been improved incrementally and used in production installs for the last five years and that will continue.

If you have any questions about this project please use the forums.


Brimbox has been tested on these hosting providers. If you have successfully used Brimbox on other providers let us know at

Recommended Hosting providers:

Inmotion Hosting


Inmotion hosting does a nice job with Postgres Hosting.

A2 Hosting


The Installation Instructions differ slightly since A2 Hosting automatically installs the plpgsql language on database creation.

Postgres Hosting

The link below lists hosting providers from the Postgres site:

Updated: 2017-09-10