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Brimbox Version 2.3.4 Released>>

Brimbox Version 2.3.4 is released.

Version 2.3.4 had these major improvements:

  • Translation via po files and a new Translation module.
  • Many to Many Relationships are now supported.
  • A password reset functionality is implemented.
  • There was a CSS update.
  • PHPMailer now bundled and available.

Version 2.4 has these plans:

  • Adding a return rows hook enabling clickable files and related records.
  • Adding CSS ids throughout plus small CSS updates possibly improving mobile table display.
  • Adding a new user pluggable for databases with large user bases.
  • Adding clipboard.js for quicker copy and paste.
  • Allow home page link “To open in new window” to start a new session.
  • An AJAX methodology will implemented.

Expected in early 2018.

Updated: 2018-06-06

Thoughts & Plans


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