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Brimbox Color Customization>>

To customize Brimbox with your company or organization colors and fonts, you can simply define variables in the bb_less.less file in the bb-config folder. Brimbox will create a CSS file from the default LESS files also containing styles (bb_box.less and bb_styles.less) using the LESS compiler when the “Build Custom CSS” button is submitted on the “Manage Modules” admin module. This will write and overwrite a CSS file.

The standard LESS variables can be found at the top of the file bb_box.less in the bb-box folder.

You can also change the main image (controller_image.gif) and the login image (login_image.gif) with your own images, such as your company logo.

File bb_less.less default colors

Background Color: #FFFFFF @bb_background_color
Standard Font Color: #181818 @bb_text_color
Colored Text: #56006F @bb_colored_text_color
Error Message Color: #FF0000 @bb_error_color
Hyperlink Color: #56006F @bb_link_color
Return Message Color: #56006F @bb_message_color
Even Rows: #FFFFFF @bb_even_color
Odd Rows: #F2EAFF @bb_odd_color
Button Color: #F2EAFF @bb_button_color
Shading Color: #F2EAFF @bb_shaded_color
Button Text Color: #181818 @bb_button_text_color
Border colors: #A070B6 @bb_border_color
Standard divider: #CCBBDD @bb_divider_color
Darkline divider: #A070B6 @bb_darkline_color
Tab Text Color: #56006F @bb_tab_text_color
Tab Background Color: #F2E8FA @bb_tab_background_color
Tab Background Color Hover: #F6F0FF @bb_tab_hover_color
Tab Background Color Chosen: #FFFFFF @bb_tab_chosen_color
Mobile Header Color #A070B6 @bb_mobile_header_color

File bb_less.less default font sizes


Standard Font Size: 11pt @bb_font_size_standard
Larger Font Size: 12pt @bb_font_size_larger
Mobile Standard Font Size: 11pt @bb_mobile_font_standard
Mobile Larger Font Size: 12pt @bb_mobile_font_larger

Updated: 2017-07-30