Brimbox Logo Brimbox Version 2.3.4 Released

Brimbox 2.3 Update>>

To update to Brimbox 2.3

Issue these SQL commands if using phpPgAdmin on shared hosting:

ALTER TABLE users_table ADD COLUMN reset text NOT NULL DEFAULT '';
ALTER TABLE users_table ADD COLUMN jsondata text NOT NULL DEFAULT '';

DROP TRIGGER ts1_bb_modify_date ON data_table;

CREATE TRIGGER ts1_modify_date
key1, c01, c02, c03, c04, c05, c06, c07, c08, c09, c10, c11, c12, c13, c14, c15, c16, c17, c18, c19, c20, c21, c22, c23, c24, c25, c26, c27, c28, c29, c30,
c31, c32, c33, c34, c35, c36, c37, c38, c39, c40, c41, c42, c43, c44, c45, c46, c47, c48, c49, c50, list_string
ON data_table
EXECUTE PROCEDURE bb_modify_date();

INSERT INTO modules_table (module_order, module_path, module_name, friendly_name, interface, module_type, module_version, standard_module, module_files, module_details)
VALUES (6, 'bb-admin/bb_translate.php', 'bb_translate', 'Translation', 'bb_brimbox', 4, 'Core', 6, '', '{"company":"Brimbox","author":"Brimbox Staff","license":"GNU GPL v3","description":"This is the module for translating Brimbox text, defining existing text strings with alternative or foreign text."}');

Upload current v2.3 dbinstall.php to database interface.


Issue this command in phpPgAdmin

DELETE FROM join_table;

Delete all Brimbox tables and folders in the installed interface except


Then upload everything to the folder except


Go to the “Module Modules” admin module and click button:

Build Custom CSS

As long as the tables are created with the database user and permission is granted to the owner everything seems to work all right.

Updated: 2017-07-21