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What is it?

An open source web based relational database app built on Postgres with a customizable PHP interface.

When does it shine?

When you need a database framework. You can set it up to track people, projects, bugs, money, media, files; any data. It’s quick to deploy but you can customize it into a permanent solution.

Is it easy?

Not really. But for a real programmer it is magnitudes quicker than developing a custom database. Quick to download and install and test.


WordPress for small to medium relational databases. It can be themed and customized. Brimbox modules are like templates.

What about the User Interface?

It’s based on full page loads and it maintains state. Once you build that particular view, report or task your users become believers. Like any database there is a learning curve.

Is it MVC?

No, it has a unique form based controller based on Post/Redirect/Get. Its unique algorithm makes it easy to customize and maintain state.

What can it do for my company or data?

A lot, especially if there is no turnkey solution or you’re considering a custom database. More relational and powerful than spreadsheets.

Is it secure?

Yes! The login structure is isolated and modules have standard security through the controller.

What is the state of the project?

It is obscure with one programmer but there are production installs. Documentation is extensive. It has been around for a while.

What’s New? What’s Next?

New: Translation and bigger and better fonts and CSS. Next: Improved CSS with appropriate id tags incorporated.

Try Brimbox:

To login to an instance of Brimbox, please visit our demonstration database with these credentials. Standard modules are documented here.

Username: webdemo
Password: Password123

Brimbox Company Services:

  • Brimbox implementation, assistance, management and programming.
  • WordPress development, support and maintenance.

Updated: 2018-06-05